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Do you yearn for more SONG in your life? Do you have a desire to dive into your comfort zones of sharing and expressing in a soul-centered group?

I've been called the 'midwife of song' by countless clients who've come to reignite their deep creative desires, and it would be my absolute honor to do the same for you.

I hold a deeply safe space where mistakes are celebrated and edges are stretched to help you BLOOM into your song. 

Anchor 1

- Learning how to play the ukulele/ another instrument of choice if desired


- Basic music & rhythm concepts taught

- Strengthening the voice

- Improvisation/ channeling

- Learning how to write/ receive songs

- Clearing blocked creative pathways

- Opening to more Magick + Music with a skill that lasts a lifetime!


BLOOM consists of 9 online groups starting in May and meeting weekly on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm PST and 3 30 minute private sessions with Lauren.

3 30- minute online check-ins / lessons

During these lessons, Lauren will work one-on-one with you to explore how your movement in the group is and will explore anything that needs to be honed in to deepen your musical process.

9 Evening Mastermind Groups

We will be focusing on 4 topics during these evenings: instrument and rhythm basics, vocal strength + conditioning, improvisation & songwriting/ receiving.

Because the group is online, all sessions will be recorded if you have to miss any. It is preferred that you attend because you will engage in break-out groups to share your creativity with each other as well as the whole group.

9 Tuesday Evening Mastermind Groups

7 - 9 pm PST


One-on-one sessions will be scheduled between you and Lauren

May 21 - July 23rd

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"Lauren is a gifted facilitator in the sound, healing arts, and song. I came to Lauren to work on a wound with my music. After working with Lauren I have discovered more confidence and ability to channel my thoughts, emotions, and surroundings into sound. I have been touched and inspired by my work with Lauren to find rhythm and rhyme ever where I go, to start musical improv with friends and to not be afraid of it sounding perfect. The gift I have taken away is resilience and imagination within song sketching, writing, and creation."

| Jess |

If this group SINGS to you, please contact Lauren by filling out the doohickey below. Please make sure to check the dates first before scheduling an interview.

If you'd like to be on Lauren's mailing list, click here 

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