11 evenings - 3 daylong retreats - 3 private sessions

Thursday Nights in Marin starting in late March

from 6:30 - 9 PM

Access to the online video Baritone Basics Series

Access to the Soulful Singing Sisterhood Songbook + Membership

Private Bloom into Song Facebook Group


You have a basic grasp of your instrument of choice- but you're desiring to go deeper. Diving into more challenging realms of sound and rhythm we'll open up your musical world and help level you up while staying grounded to your musical roots.

There's always more we can explore when it comes to your creativity. If you're feeling like you're ready to repot your sproutling into the soil, this group is for you.

If you can sing and play your instrument fluidly, have knowledge of all the major chords and their placing, and a solid strum and finger picking pattern, then Sproutling will hold you wonderfully!

I hold a deeply safe space where mistakes are celebrated and edges are stretched to help you BLOOM into your song. Scroll down for dates and deets!

- Diving deeper into your instrument of choice and understanding higher levels of theory & rhythm. 

- Taking your songwriting to the next level and breaking free from old patterns


- Learning how to collaborate with others in an environment that encourages your creativity.

- Understanding the basics of home recording, music videos, and sharing your work online.

- Strengthening your voice and cuddling up with your edges

- Exploring more challenging group songs + exquisite harmony

- Flowing into improvisation/ channeling

- As always, Magick, Ritual + Play!


BLOOM consists of 14 in-person groups starting in March and going through June, from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice. We meet on a near weekly basis.

3 Daylong Retreats with Full Bloom

During these daylong retreats we will connect with our sisters from both Bloom groups, bringing the tools we've gathered into practice in a day-long journey with song and joy!

11 Evening Mastermind Groups

We will be focusing on 5 topics during these evenings: instrument & rhythm basics, vocal strength & group singing, improvisation & songwriting-receiving, and recording with a simple home studio, videos, & online sharing.

If you're unsure if you qualify for this group, please set up an interview with Lauren so she can assess your level.

Please check dates before scheduling an interview and keep in mind that you are allowed to miss up to three sessions.

Sunday Song Retreats with Full Bloom!

Location: Bay Area, California, 11-5pm


March 22 Daylong (Equinox / Ostara)
May 2 Daylong (Beltane)
June 27 Daylong (Litha)

11 Thursday Evening Groups

Location: Marin County, 6:30-9pm

March 26
April 2 - 9 - 23 - 30

May 7 - 21 - 28

June 4 - 18 - 25

You are also invited to act as a 'big sister' during the Seedling evenings.

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"Lauren is a gifted facilitator in the sound, healing arts, and song. I came to Lauren to work on a wound with my music. After working with Lauren I have discovered more confidence and ability to channel my thoughts, emotions, and surroundings into sound. I have been touched and inspired by my work with Lauren to find rhythm and rhyme ever where I go, to start musical improv with friends and to not be afraid of it sounding perfect. The gift I have taken away is resilience and imagination within song sketching, writing, and creation."

| Jess |

There are 6 spots total for this group. The group includes:

- 11 2.5 hr evening sessions

- 3 daylong retreats and ritual

- 3 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Lauren via Skype

- Membership to the Soulful Singing Sisterhood + Songbook

- Access to the Baritone Basics series 

If this group SINGS to you, please contact Lauren by filling out the doohickey below. Please make sure to check the dates first before scheduling an interview. You are invited to miss up to 3 sessions.

Keep in mind that this group is a significant financial investment. There are a couple different tuition tiers you can engage in and Lauren does her best to accommodate all needs. During the interview call if it feels like a fit, Lauren will discuss enrollment and tuition.

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